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The most important piece of golf equipment you own is your body.

Invest in you and get the results you want!

Greater accuracy

Greater distance

More strength and endurance

More efficient golf swing

Decreased pain after your round

Fewer injuries!





"Sound swing mechanics must be complemented by achieving adequate stabilization, sufficient balance, conditioning, and flexibility. Overall, Stewart has been very helpful making this happen and I've been very pleased with a pattern of steady progress that I've made. His bio-mechanical knowledge and unselfish willingness to spend extra time for reaching my goals speaks well of Stewart and his program. My concerns have improved regarding the areas that I needed to address. The real test is that you play better with improved knowledge, feel better and look forward to challenging yourself to gain more success."




"I find the TPI certified program that Stewart Sanders administers to be a great value and very beneficial."

- Steve



"I am a 70 year old golfer with a history of both neck and lower back surgeries. My flexibility was virtually nonexistent, and thus, so was my golf game. I learned about the Golf Performance Clinic and had an evaluation with the hopes of increasing my flexibility in spite of the fusions in my neck and lower back. As I progressed through my appointments with Stewart I found I was getting more flexible and having better balance. I had much more mobility while swinging my clubs and I increased my club head speed by about 60%. Stewart is a very capable professional who knows what he is doing. He has not only helped me feel and perform better on the golf course, but also in my everyday life. I recommend seeing him if through injury, surgery or even aging you find you need professional help in regaining lost flexibility."